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Only 1.2 hours from Calais

Stunning, picturesque, tranquil... carp fishing in France

News - June 2009

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News - June 2009 VL1 : 26th June - 3rd July 09'

Paul Riley fishing the lodge on his second yearly visit saw temperatures over 38 dregees but managed a few fish to over 42lbs including a big catfish and over 12 Carp - Paul also lost a huge Mirror by the net - sorry mate !

Fish comming out on VL Special boilies ..

John Bugg fishing the Carpers Cabin had over 10 Mirrors up to 38lbs again fishing with VL Specials 16 /18mm boilies..

Jim Wilkinson fishing swim 3 had had three upper 30s and a mid 20 fishing just the w/end ....

Neil Wightman has started well this weekend in the LODGE catching 7 Carp so far overnight 3rd - 4th July..

34lb common ,28 ,29,31,36,26,34lbs..

VL2 : Work progressing well with all swims cut out and cleared around the lake , Sam had a 47lb Mirror out last night on his short overnighter..

VL1 : 19 - 26th June

Scorching temperatures and high pressure saw a very quiet week on the lake - fish being very inactive with Sturgeon at 66lb and 42lbs being the only noticable fish comming out .

A mother of a thunderstorm raged Thursday night through to Friday , clearing the air and topping the lake up by a least 4 inches.

VL1 : 12 - 19th June 09'

More 50s .....

Ian Jennings fishing the lodge fishing swim 1 & 2 produced 30 + fish including two fifties one for swim one and the other 50lb + Mirror comming out in swim 2 ..most fish comming out on 16mm VALLEE SPECIAL boilies ..

Michael Perring and Steve Yule ' s party fishing the Carpers Cabin swims produced three PB'S to 45lbs best of the fishing comming out in swim 6 .

Andrew Deeley managing a number of upper 30s in swim 5 .

Signs of fish spawnning in the margins ..resulting in the fishing slowing off ..

VL1 : 5th - 12th June 09'

What a awesome week again !!!

6 FIFTIES & 6 FORTIES both Mirror and Common Carp -

Over 65 fish banked around the lake with 12 Carp over 40lbs including ;

51lb ,55lb ,52lb, 56lb and 55lb Mirrors , 40s included 41lbs 41lbs 40lb, 43lbs ,43lbs.

Ben Radly and Justin Sneer fishing HOOK LODGE took 14 Carp to 55lb including three forties and the remainning 30s to 39lb.
Ben Badley doing the business on the 12hour just before packing up, landing a stunning Mirror of 55lbs .

'A fantastic week - that's what we come he for - awesome !! Great facilities stunning lake and set up , we're be seeing you again ! '

Rob Stils fishing swim 3 is still pinching himself after his 51lb Mirror 42lb Mirrors and 30s -

'First time to France , 1st Fish a 50 followed by 40s and 30s - it can't get better ! '

Peter Lee Streeve fishing swim 9 had a incredable 51lb 8oz Grass Carp , a 42lb Common and that not being enough followed by a 56lb Mirror - other fish were 30s to 37lb ....

The Carper Cabin also not missing out with an incredable haul of over 20 x 30lb + Carp , two forties at 43lb & 42lb a 45lb Sturgeon and two 50LB + Mirrors of 51lb & 55lbs.

Peter Streeve and Ray Love just delighted .

' Our best fishing ever and VALLEELAKE producing our PB'S again each year - we be booking for later in the year and next !! '

VALLEELAKE SPECIAL boilies doing the business round the lake ' GB Baits certainly doing us proud with our exclusvive bait ! with Spicy mais also producing well this week .

June 09' 1st - 5th


Ben Withall and his party returning for their second year fishing VL1 had a superb week with biggest fish comming out to 'Digger' in swim 10 a stunning 57lb Mirror together with two upper 40s and 3os , Ben fishing swim 5 also had a cracking Mirror at 54lbs and several thirties - All members of the party caught round the lake including a unmarked common of 38lb in swim 6 and a couple of 40s in the Lodge. 40 fish out in total - in the scorching temperatures and fish spawnning .

5th - 7th June 09' VL1.

Ist Time to France Ist Carp ever 51lb

Mr Pape fishing swim 3 couldn't beleive his luck as a first time Carp angler his first fish was a 51lb Mirror on friday night followed by a 42lb Mirror Saturday night !!

Shaun Shreeve also connected to a lump in swim 6 a hefty 55lbb Mirror falling to popped up mais with his mates in swim 8 / 9 catching mirrors and commons to 37lbs fishing with Vallee Special boilies.

VALLEELAKE 2 - work progressing well on the new venue with new swims and clearing around the lake in progress.
Pre - baiting campaign also being undertaken with GB Baits Vallee Special Boilies regulary feeding the fish.

Vallee Lake Fishery, BP35, 76340, Blangy sur Bresle, France

Phone: 0033 235 94 66 85 / 0033 677 22 51 99
E-mail: info@valleelake.com

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Vallee Lake Fishery, BP35, 76340, Blangy sur Bresle, France

Phone: 0033 235 94 66 85 / 0033 677 22 51 99
E-mail: info@valleelake.com