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Stunning, picturesque, tranquil... carp fishing in France

News - December 2006

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After a successful 2005/2006 winter stocking program bringing stock levels to over 400 fish, the lake has fished very well this year with full swims, with the spring starting well with lots of new big fish being caught to over 50lb after laying up for winter.

Many new forties and fifties being caught in super condition after our winter feeding program with the first fifty plus coming out in March

April 2006 - producing over 26 x 40s many upper forties and over 38 x thirties again many high 30s - several multiple 40+ catches with 3 / 4 forties to single anglers in a week. Also the big Sturgeon coming out to 64lb.

May 2006 - Again a very good month for big fish catches with over 30 40lb + fish out in May including three 50s and stacks of 30s. Many anglers achieving their PB''s despite the bad weather conditions in May with multiple 40+ catches

Tom Williams with a great weeks catch of over 850lb fish including 16 x 30s, 5 x 40s, 1 x 50+ and stacks of 20s these coming to fishery supplied frozen GB caviar / cranberry boilies.

Jamie Lucus, with almost a mirror catch of above including Mirrors to 50lb +, 5 x 40s, 60lb + Sturgeon, 30s and 20s with Common Carp to 40 +, these all taken on frozen baits.

Mark Billows party a competition winner for 3, achieving all catching 40s etc and Mark getting wet for his efforts with a Big 60+ Sturgeon!.

June: after poor weather in the spring this forced the fish to spawn later this year in June! ? this obviously interrupting the fishing due to the carp have other matters on their minds ? despite this still a few big fish being landed!.

A question which I always get asked ? when do the fish spawn ? ? a million dollar question ? all depending on many factors not least the weather, water temperature etc etc how long is a piece of string.

August: with weather favoring fishing most of the month, good catches were being had with an average of over 60 ? 70 fish + out a week again averaging over 30+ and at leased 8-10 forty pound plus fish out a week!.

September: two new 50lb Carp appearing on the bank to 54lb in stunning condition.

Proving our policy on micro barb hooks, Klinik on ALL hook holds and certain bait restrictions including the ban on High Oil Pellets etc (oils being well documented as being detrimental to fish and the environment).

Lady Anglers, its was nice to see a good proportion of the female gender fishing along with partners and guests, not just enjoying the accommodation facilities etc but enjoying the lake and also outfishing their male counterparts on occasions ( not mentioning any names ). Hope to see the girls back next year along with a few more. :-)

Weed: No reports of any weed problems this year, with very little weed present, having treated the lake in the spring and the introduction of two new aerators.

The fishing this year to date has produced an average weight of over 30lbs with the average of over 8 forty pound plus fish out a week with the fish continuing to gain heavier weights.

This bodes well for the future and only our third season, this with our continuing policy for additional stock for 2007 etc, with average stock weights of over 15kg and other investments in the fishery.

Don?t forget we are close to three major ferries ports Calais , Bolougne and Dieppe the closet being only an hour away .

Finally we would like to thank all our customers new and regulars who booked this year and the many repeat bookings for 2007 .

Tight lines Mark and family

Vallee Lake Fishery, BP35, 76340, Blangy sur Bresle, France

Phone: 0033 235 94 66 85 / 0033 677 22 51 99
E-mail: info@valleelake.com

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Vallee Lake Fishery, BP35, 76340, Blangy sur Bresle, France

Phone: 0033 235 94 66 85 / 0033 677 22 51 99
E-mail: info@valleelake.com