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Only 1.2 hours from Calais

Stunning, picturesque, tranquil... French Carp Fishing

Vallee Lake 2 - French carp fishing


French Carp Fishing at Vallee Lake 2 is set in a stunning location close to the three major ferry ports of Dieppe, Boulogne and Calais, the closest being only an hour away. Just minutes from the town of Blangy-sur-Bresle, with its supermarkets, shops and restaurants, Vallee Lake 2 has everything for the serious angler who likes a challenging lake with the option of moving to different swims and stalking.

This exciting lake is situated in the 'Vallee de la Bresle' adjacent Vallee Lake 1 The lake is independent of Vallee Lake 1 but still retaining the same charm, facilities and services.
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French carp fishing

This stunning mature lake being over 24 acres is rich in natural life being a post war gravel pit. The lake has an abundance of features including gravel bars, plateaus , tree lined margins and deep water.

The lake bottom comprises of gravel, silt (firm for fishing), weed beds (depending on time of year , * note : we treat the weed annually now with a natural eco friendly weed / algae controller . Please be prepared for weed as the lake will never be devoid of natural weed – please ask for advise if needed. Mature bank vegetation compliments the 12 spacious swims ( 5 double, 7 single ) these being specially constructed, well spaced and level with the waters edge, blending in perfectly with the stunning setting.

The lake is set in a stunning setting nestled in the 'Vallee de la Bresle' in the heart of the rolling Normandy country side, flourishing in natural lake side vegetation with spectacular views around the lake and local countryside .The lake contains stunning fis , with an average of over 30lbs to and excess of 60b + for Mirror and Common carp, Grass carp to over 60lb , Silver Carp to over 80lbs, Sturgeon 90b + . Silver fish and Tench also present.

The Lake is well managed and well stocked with Carp to over 60lbs + ,friendly and helpful staff ensuring your stay is as comfortable and productive as possible. The lake is a challenging water with an abundance of features, and is suited to the serious experienced Carp Angler.

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Lake Features

There are varying depths throughout the lake with margins ranging from 3 – 10 ft with the average depth throughout the lake being 10ft and the deepest of 16ft. Features, deep margins, plateau's/ bars and overhanging trees. The lake has a silt ,gravel,weed beds ( depending on time of year ) which is rich in naturals and spring fed ensuring a growth of healthy fish. There are a few cray fish so we recommend you bring bait mesh to net your baits.

The Facilities

Superb facilities for French Carp Fishing at Vallee Lake 2 complement the lake with on site secure parking, good quality showers and toilet (with mains water and electricity), freezer space, tackle shop, bait, tackle hire, food. Swim electricity is also available for charging with mains power convenienlty at hand.

Staff always at hand to provide you with help and assistance when ever necessary, ensuring your stay is as comfortable and productive as possible.

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French Carp Fishing

Lake Summary

Location: Upper Normandy France - within easy 1hr Drive form Boulogne or 1.20hr from Calais Close proximity to VL1.
Size: 24 acres.
Angler Suitability: Suited to the serious experienced angler who like challenging waters, Difficulty – moderate  
Swims: 5 double and 7 single.
Anglers: 12, can be booked individually / groups / or exclusive.
Depths: Margin depths ranging from 3 - 9 feet, average lake depth of 10ft going to 16ft.
Lake Bed: Rich silt, gravel, weed bottom. (n.b. weed can vary throughout season / conditions - how ever weed is treated where possible, on both lakes).
Features: Shallows, deep margins, plateaus/ bars and overhanging trees.
Access: Excellent access to all swims, free transport to and from swims on arrival .
Facilities: Good shower and toilet facilities 24/7, electricity and drinking water, freezer space, Tackle shop.
Swims: Swim power supplied to all swims as option. All UK leads supplied light loads only, no heater, cookers permitted)
Food Available: Yes breakfast package delivered to swim.
English Spoken: Yes.
Tackle Hire: Yes - Bait Boats, Bankside fridges etc.
Bait: Fresh cooked particles, pellet, frozen boilies, bait soaks and dips etc.
Tackle Shop: Yes - selling terminal tackle, clothing, batteries etc .
On site Bailiff: Yes to assist and give advice.
Row Boat: Yes available for marker placement / snagged fish only. Own risk conditions apply  
Mats/Slings: Please bring your own - large unhooking mats / slings (please check for suitability if unsure). If not suitable , mats / slings can be hired if available.
Markers: Only the use of Marker poles permitted - no mono / braided  markers.
Bait boats Allowed: Yes - Microcat bait boats available for hire.
Security: Secure on site parking, fenced grounds private fishing only venue.
Permits: All legal night fishing and fishing permits included.
Complimentary: Free Welcoming drink on arrival!
Free onsite transport to and from your swims on arrival / departure only .
Vallee Lake Fishery, BP35, 76340, Blangy sur Bresle, France

Phone: 0033 235 94 66 85 / 0033 677 22 51 99
E-mail: info@valleelake.com

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Vallee Lake Fishery, BP35, 76340, Blangy sur Bresle, France

Phone: 0033 235 94 66 85 / 0033 677 22 51 99
E-mail: info@valleelake.com